About the CMU IRO

The Carnegie Mellon University International Relations Organization is a student organization which seeks to gauge interest in students who want to learn more about the current state of world affairs and international relations. We hold discussions and debates with students and faculty, as well as experts in the fields.

CMUIRO is also in charge of organizing the Carnegie Mellon University Model United Nations Conference (CMUMUNC), as well as sending a delegation from our school to Model UN Conferences throughout the country. A Model UN conference is a simulation of the United Nations, with the member nations and participating organizations of the UN debating important issues in world affairs from the perspective of the different committees that form a part of it. A delegate that takes part in our conference assume the role of diplomat/representative for a particular country or organization. The delegates researches the official position on a pressing issue in international affairs, and then debate, deliberate, and develop solutions to the topics being discussed.

Join Us!

We’re always seeking new members, not only to participate in different discussions and debates but also to organize and moderate our school’s Model UN conference. We are seeking individuals who are interested in the state of affairs in international relations. We do not expect anyone to have prior knowledge on international affairs; interest is what we look for.

Join us to find out more about upcoming events, global issues at hand, and how you can get involved. Please email carnegiemelloniro@gmail.com for more information.