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This year’s conference will feature the following committees.

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
UN Commission for Natural Disaster Relief — Natural Disaster Relief Fund

Chairs: Andy Birla and Becky Greubel  

“Purpose: ‘The creation of a central council to handle rapid and effectual aid to countries struck by a natural disaster to mitigate damage and facilitate reconstruction.’”

Special Committee
United Nations Security Council — Usage of Drones

Chairs: Nkinde Ambalo and Michael Hsun

“Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, are externally operated aircraft that are controlled without an onboard pilot. For the purposes of this committee and topic, we will focus primarily on two categories of drones: surveillance and warfare…”

Joint Crisis Committee
End of the Curtain, 1865: Bakumatsu Period, Feudal Japan

Chairs: Shannon Burke and Alina Rath (JCC Choshu); Jacqueline Lee and Vikram Cherupally (JCC Satsuma); Utkarsh Sanghi and Harsimran Minhas (JCC Shogunate)

“Since the Sakoku (“Chained Country”) Edict of 1635, put in place by Tokugawa Iemitsu, Japan had staunchly practiced a policy of seclusion. Commodore Matthew Perry arrived in July of 1853 and demanded that Japan open itself to trade and interaction with the rest of the world…”