Delegate Topic Guides

Topic Guides

Crisis Committee

  • Crisis – Special Summit on Ukraine
    • Dear Delegates,

      Welcome to the EU-Russian crisis. Maintaining world peace and saving the world from another world war depends on your actions and cooperation.

      My name is Harsimran Minhas and I am the head chair for this committee. I am a sophomore Business Administration major with a track in Finance and a minor is Statistics. MUN, Sherlock, Harry Potter and reading take up most of my time when CMU is not.

      I look forward to meeting all of you and seeing if you are able prevent another world war.

      Harsimran Minhas

Joint Crisis Committees

  • JCC – Opium Wars – United Kingdom
    • Hello all, and a very warm welcome to C@CMU! My name is Apeksha Atal, and I am a Freshman Biological Sciences major in Carnegie Mellon’s Mellon College of Science. I hope to go into Biomedical research and am currently working on getting some experience in this field, while taking a whole set of intriguing courses. My interests outside of the academic realm include visual arts, writing, reading, watching movies (old and new alike) and listening to music of any genre that I come across. This is my fifth year doing Model United Nations and my first time being so heavily involved in a crisis format conference. I have chaired committees before, but I’m sure this time around will be very different and a lot more interesting. I am very excited to be chairing your committee while we discuss the very dynamic and intense issue that is the Opium War era. As the United Kingdom, we will be faced with issues ranging from foreign relations to trade, while trying to come to a consensus of sorts – or not – with the Chinese committee. I hope you are all prepared for heated debate and a whole range of unexpected and stimulating crises.All my fellow CMUIRO members and I have put a lot of effort into making this event something that you will hopefully enjoy and not soon forget. So let’s make this a conference full of large-scale arguing, small-scale bickering and all-round ruthless diplomacy.I look forward to meeting you all and to seeing how well you can handle and/or dominate this issue.See you soon, and prepare well.

      Long Live the Queen,


    • I am very excited to be able to welcome you the UK JCC committee of the Opium wars at C@CMU.  My Name is Varun Gupta and I currently study Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have been involved in Model UN since 7th grade, and have over time become incredibly fascinated by the tradeoffs involved in solving problems on an international scale through diplomacy and negotiation. I am involved not only in the US Model UN circuit, but also in the UK circuit and have recently chaired at the WFP in LIMUN. I am also heavily involved in greek life and am an avid reader. My interests in the international relations sphere include efficient and effective adoption of new technologies, and methods of efficient resolution to problems in conflict zones. 


  • JCC – Opium Wars – China
    • Dear Delegates,Welcome to the depths of black market opium trade and all its glory. The fate of the United Kingdom, Republic of China, and opium addicts lie in your hands.My name is Jacqueline Lee, and I am the head chair for the China committee of this JCC. I am from Los Angeles, California and am studying Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University. This is my sixth year Model UN and second year on the CMU International Relations Organization board.Besides MUN, I love to dance, play badminton, watch TV shows, and play Candy Crush Saga.I look forward to seeing how the Chinese committee will take action towards the illegal opium trade, the raging number of addicts, and the rising tension with the UK. Stay tuned for some exciting, unexpected crises around the corner!We look forward to meeting you and watching history play out before our eyes.Until March,

      Jacqueline Lee
      Chair, JCC China

Other MUN Resources

  • An excellent Model UN orientation packet.  Some information is high school specific, but the majority provides good information on parliamentary procedure, rules, and resolution writing.