C@CMU (Spring ’15)

“Crisis @ Carnegie Mellon”

Thank you for expressing interest in our Spring 2015 high school conference, taking place on the weekend of March 7th and March 8th, 2015.

As the next academic year starts up and the conference draws closer, we will be updating our site with more information on topics, resources, registration, and schedules.  Until then, please send us an email using our contact form and we’ll keep you updated.


For schools interested in registering, we have decided on our school and delegate fee structure for this year.  There will be three registration windows: early registration, regular registration, and late registration.  Early registration will give all delegates a $5 discount, whereas late registration will add a $5 fee.

Registration Period

School Fee

Delegate Fee


Refund Policy


$55 per delegation

$45 per delegate

by October 31st, 2014

75% of cost


$60 per delegation

$50 per delegate

by January 31st, 2015

50% of cost


$65 per delegation

$55 per delegate

by February 21st, 2015

0% of cost